Bryn predominately works with individuals online and caters to all athletes from all walks of life. He has and continues to work the top-level athletes in their respective sports and specializes in helping athletes build a strong physical performance base in order to get to the top level. Bryn offers and affordable and customized training approach online and helps many top athletes via online coaching. Even if you just enjoy your training and want to get the most out of it, and are serious about your results, Bryn can help you too.


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Bryn works with top-level kickboxers from around the world and helps get the life changing opportunities for their fight careers. With an avid interest in martial arts and training in them, Bryn believes in getting the fighters the matches they want and as much exposure as possible, in order to kick start their careers.


Indigo “Beast Kid” Boyd 



“Bryn has given me the biggest opportunity of my career so far, I’m extremely thankful for what he has done and what he continues to do for my career. He is very upfront and professional in his approach and has the fighters’ career and best interest as his number 1 priority.”


Titles held: ISKA K1 Australian, ISKA K1 Victorian, WKBF commonwealth K1, IKBF Victorian K1, ISKA Muay Thai Australian

Instagram: @beastkid_93


Carly “Cupcake” Gangell 

Training partner to K-1 Women’s Flyweight Champion Kana, 3 week fight camp. Kana won her fight via 1st Round KO.


"From the first time I spoke with Bryn regarding a fight opportunity I knew that he cared about my career and well-being above everything else. He works extremely hard to look after his fighters and chase the opportunities that will excel them in their career. Bryn was responsible for the biggest opportunity in my fight career so far where he worked tirelessly to allow me to get to Japan to train for 3 weeks with a World Champion. He is professional and approachable. He really is someone you want in your corner as a fighter."


Titles held: 2x IFMA Australian Gold Medal, IFMA Gold Medal, IKBF South Pacific Champion, IKBF Commonwealth Title 

Instagram: @carlyjaynegangell

Rhyse “The Machete” Saliba 

Knees Of Fury 80, 4 Man Tournament Winner.


“Bryn is relentless, he strives to secure the best opportunity for his fighters not what's best for him. His passion and knowledge of combat sports shows, along with his care, how he handles professionals’ careers. Working with Bryn, I am confident that each fight we take is the right step towards our goal as athlete and manager.”


Titles Held: WKBF east coast champion 67kg, ISKA New South Wales champion 67kg, WPMF world champion 67kg (fighting for eminent air), WBC aftermath champion 67kg, Rebellion fitX 4 man eliminator Champion 70kg, MASA world champion 67kg, Alpha fight series 4 man eliminator champion 70kg, 2019 chungju world martial arts championships ifma silver medalist, Knees of Fury 80, 4 man eliminator champion 66.6kg




“Working with Bryn has been an incredible benefit to my lifestyle. As a personal trainer he is always professional and puts your needs above all else while also explaining every decision he makes, when it comes to your training program and how these choices will benefit you. Outside of personal training, Bryn is also an amazing role model with his work ethic and passion for everything he sets his mind to being infectious and making you want to put more effort into aspects of your own life. Though very professional, he also understands how personal life can affect training and knows when to ramp up or ramp down work-loads to suit a person’s lifestyle at any moment, but this doesn’t mean he won’t push you to your limit to get you the best results possible. Bryn has helped me immensely with my rugby, whether it be weight gain or loss to create the ideal body type for any position on the field or focusing on position and rugby-specific exercises tailored for what I would be doing on the field, he has always helped me achieve well beyond my goals in fitness, strength and goal weights. Bryn’s wealth of experience and knowledge in multiple sports means he always has a plan for even the trickiest of fitness goals, and I am a better athlete and person for working with him over the last year.” Eli C


“I have been training with Bryn for 18 months now and I contacted him after it was confirmed that I would be moving from the loose forwards into the front row. When I started training with Bryn I was a 90kg flanker and I am now a 100kg hooker. If it wasn’t for Bryn’s training programs and nutritional guidance, this would not have been possible. His knowledge is next level and I would recommend his services to anyone with a fitness oriented goal”Tim C

“Bryn is easily my FAVOURITE person in the fitness industry. He was my trainer for about a year and I had an absolute blast. It was revitalising watching myself grow stronger almost every session. My self confidence and interest in the gym spiked rapidly and before I knew it, I knew what I was doing and the gym wasn't so damn scary anymore.

Bryn is incredibly knowledgeable and empathetic. He always has a perfect explanation on the what and why, and his training method is simple and easy to understand! He figures out what's best for you bloody quick. If you're going through a rough patch, he's super understanding and even shouted me coffee once or twice to give me a chance to take a deep breath and talk it out, if I needed.

I'd reccomend Bryn to anyone, with zero hesitation or reservation. He's incredible, honestly 💪Thanks for your hard work and effort Sweet Brynny!! You're 10/10 " - Mahs De Jongh




How did Bryn help me?

"To be honest, without Bryn’s mentorship I would have struggled to create a career as a personal trainer, as the fitness industry can be a tough to break into. He taught me so much about customer service, sales, programming, nutrition and how to operate your own business. All these skills and knowledge allowed me to quickly establish and retain my client base, and also built my confidence as a personal trainer.

The most important skills and knowledge Bryn has passed on to me through his mentorship were:

  • How to generate client leads through various methods and then how to convert these leads into paying clients.

  • How to assist clients in making sustainable changes to their nutrition without overwhelming them with a complete change of diet.

  • Important programming principles and how to utilise them to create effective programs for clients.

  • Key movement screenings to complete with clients and rehabilitative exercises for common injuries.

  • How to set up your business as an independent contractor in a gym.

  • The essentials to providing excellent customer service and how to showcase your value as a personal trainer.

Benefits you will receive from mentorship with Bryn

Transitioning to a profession where you are solely responsible for your own success can be overwhelming, but having Bryn there to guide you through and answer all your questions makes the process a lot less stressful and smoother. I feel there is a big gap (in terms of knowledge and skills) between completing your personal training course and entering fitness industry, and Bryn truly helps to bridge this gap. If you want to see your client base grow and your confidence as a personal trainer flourish invest in yourself and get on board with Bryn.” - Kimberley H